The Art and Science of Business Development

Building Clients for Life

What if?


… you could increase your conversion rate?


… you could reduce the time spent for proposal writing by improving the qualification opportunity in client meetings?


… you could get feedback from those who buy and reject you?

In this blended programme you learn what it takes to become a true trusted partner to your client by crafting solutions that exactly meet the needs of your clients resulting in less unread slides and higher margins.

You learn to clarify and answer the 3 key questions of all client conversations:
1. Should the client do anything and what?
2. Is the client able to move forward?
3. Is your client willing to move forward?

The aim is simple.

This program is geared to make you more effective in client conversations and allowing you to build clients for life – those clients who are loyal to you and who make your life a tiny bit easier when it comes to expanding your footprint in their organizations.

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The programme’s components

Balancing inquiry with advodacy
Evidence-based questioning
Talking about budgets and resources
Handling yellow lights
Leading towards the solution
Senior Manager, Strategy Consulting
"Clear, spot-on and to the point. A powerful and refreshing experience. After the first module I could already see the difference in my client meetings."
Management Consultant, Middle East
"What I liked most were the easy to consume short videos. I could review them and I could consume instead of sitting in a classroom. The real eye-opener was the workshop with the CXOs. That was the icing on the cake and I am sure that will lead to further discussions on how to change the way we sell."
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