BreakThrough Conversations

What if?


… time spent in meetings could be minimised?


… negative energy and conflict could be turned into productive energy?


… challenges, uncertainty and lack of focus could be turned into opportunities and clarity?


Mastering skillful dialogues is one of the most powerful keys for real collaboration, teamwork and client relationships. Brain science allows us to understand how to do this.

Hundreds of individuals in leadership roles in organisations around the globe have completed our Breakthrough Conversations programme – in professional services, industry, education, tech start-ups, not for profit…


It’s anuniquely practical and evidence-based approach to workplace conversations that can transform interactions and outcomes.

Breakthrough Conversations is available in these learning formats.


as a video or in-person workshop


combining live video workshops with online interaction.


with options for skills assessment and live Q&A session

Sylvie, Senior HR Manager, Agrilution Systems GmbH
"I was impressed by how easy BreakThrough Conversations is to follow and the learning outcome we achieved, particularly during the
COVID-19 situation.

My name is Sylvie, Talent Manager at Agrilution Systems GmbH. One key part of my role is to offer my colleagues new opportunities for their personal development.  

Before working with QFIVE95 we did not have a feedback culture, and we struggled with how best to lead what can be difficult conversations. It was very difficult to define the right way to give and to take feedback for all of us and to handle these conversations well at all levels within the business.

In August 2020 we started with the self-paced learning part of the “BreakThrough Conversation” programme. The whole company participated and within a short period of time we noticed that all levels changed their approach to conversations, discussions and giving feedback to each other. This self-paced learning part was followed in September with live video conference sessions with the QFIVE facilitator, Tobias Kiefer. These showed all of us just how much we had learned and how easy it is to give feedback and to lead difficult conversations day-by-day in the business.

I can highly recommend this programme to everyone who would like to learn how best to have productive conversations with each other. It is a learning experience that you can use in so many different ways: no matter if it’s in your daily business or in your private life!"
Head of Learning & Development, Global Top-Mgt. Consulting
"I was impressed by the drive, content and creative approach QFIVE has demonstrated despite the tight timeline and the unusual circumstances.

Before working with QFIVE, our mentorship program was simply based on professional relationships with no real meaning or career impact. Then we worked on the breakthrough conversations program that set up a solid base for our mentors to gain essential skills but also
strengthen their confidence in effectively driving conversations with their mentees.

QFIVE has designed a 4 week online program, one facilitator-led workshop along with a one on one coaching session for each participant. It proved to be a unique experience for everyone and we’re currently looking to expand the program to the wider community.Even if you’re skeptical about trying new approaches and getting out of your comfort zone, partnering with QFIVE proved to be a pragmatic and exciting learning experience for our staff."

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