5 Quotients

Alignment Q

One's ability to declare and maintain integrity between who one is (being with purpose) and one's thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and actions in spite of the situation or circumstances.

Vitality Q

One's ability to build and sustain energy and re-silence to ensure readiness for the moments that really matter.

Mind Q

One's ability to leverage a deeper understanding of the mind, and to become fully present by stopping the mental autopilot.

Emotion Q

One's ability to be aware of one's own and others' emotional states, and how to regulate those successfully.

Execution Q

One's ability to identify the essential things, make them happen, and to stay on course despite the many distractions.

Our 5 Qs - what are they about?

Our 5 Qs are not only the base of our work but also the key factors for YOUR success.

The human factor is, and will remain, the most important contributor to business success – more than ever this is the difference maker to futurize business and societies. We believe: it takes focusing on 5 essential Quotients to get you and your organization to realize 95% of your ambitions - hence our name: andQFIVE. It takes you and
the 5 Quotients for success. YOU andQFIVE.

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